revolutionizing the COMMERCIAL bus industry

REV Group, the parent company and backbone of World Trans, set out to answer the demand for the most popular bus lengths and passenger capacities in the bus industry. Building from REV’s already impressive portfolio, World Trans answered the call in May of 2016, and in the process, changed the commercial bus industry with unmatched lead times, lightweight bus designs and industry-leading features.

REV engineering that raises the bar in bus design

For years, the bus industry has demanded that commercial buses be lighter, safer and stronger. So while the market was flooded with industry-standard products, World Trans set out to connect passengers with a product that exceeded expectations. Using advanced REV engineering and proprietary-manufacturing processes, World Trans delivers unique bus designs to help better connect commuters to their world.

Thanks to a proprietary modular construction process that introduces industry-first automotive advancements to the production line, World Trans can deliver fast lead times and competitive bus prices — all without sacrificing durability. World Trans’ modular construction is reinforced with galvanized steel for corrosion resistance, and each passenger seat is attached to the floor and sidewall tracks for added versatility.

Your path to one of the safest COMMERCIAL buses starts with World Trans.

World Trans is proud to offer some
of the industry’s lightest buses.

A lightweight bus that delivers greater fuel efficiency

A lightweight bus delivers many benefits — nimble transportation, long-term fuel savings and an oh-so rewarding green footprint. World Trans is proud to offer some of the industry’s lightest buses. Unlike other bus manufacturers, World Trans doesn’t push the chassis’ gross vehicle weight rating to the limits, meaning you can benefit from fuel efficiency as well as industry-leading passenger capacities.

You’ll have your pick of five different gross vehicle weight ratings, while the modular design leaves plenty of payload capacity for extra luggage, passenger weight and optional equipment. Meanwhile, World Trans doesn’t sacrifice safety for its lightweight build. In fact, all buses are Altoona tested for seven years, 200,000 miles and exceed FMVSS safety standards to set the bar in bus design.

Industry-best features from one of the top bus manufacturers

World Trans buses are used throughout the commercial bus market, from churches and universities to assisted living and senior care, and span into public transit and paratransit markets. But no matter your need, the World Trans buses are brimming with a long list of standard features, including several industry-first inclusions.

For the paratransit market, World Trans is there to connect every passenger no matter his or her need. World Trans’ rear lift floorplans feature a standard wheelchair lift system with an automatic fast-idle module and an FMVSS-complaint interlock mechanism that prevents the transmission from shifting while the wheelchair lift is in use. All of these features, combined with popular options, like a rear heater, backup alarm, kick-out window and spare tire, make World Trans the only commute worth taking.

World Trans is here to connect every passenger no matter his or her need